sábado, abril 29, 2017

Cry, cry.
I am here,
With you, to cry.

What are these brands?
Looks like there was a disaster around here.
The terrorist ran away.
I look like a crazy clown.
I want a strong hug.

Untie my cold hands with fear.
For me to hold your face
For years, years, lives.
We can fly.
Even with your feet on the ground.

Walk on me.
Let me take you,

I want to show you the stellar explosion.
Cry, cry, we can cry.
Nothing will erase our brilliance.

We are everywhere.
People do not know,
But they breathe our love.

Are these our brands?
Are we the terrorists and the clowns?
So let's cry and then smile.
In your ocean
I'll always be your blue whale.



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