quinta-feira, junho 29, 2017

Come on! Come on!
I've been sleepless nights.
Come on! Come on!
I need an insight!

I say to myself what I think.
I tell myself that I will only sing,
Just something worth doing.
I light a cigarette, I'm already working.

I'm working, baby. I'm working.

I would never waste my time,
Saying nonsense words.
I woke up to write a song,
Not to commit a crime.

I'm working, baby. I'm working.

Just a few words I need to find.
An idea comes to my mind.
I'm working. I'm working, baby,
It's the best feeling, maybe.

Come on! Come on!
I do not want to waste my time.
I will not commit a crime.
But I rip all the papers,
I break the brushes,
All words have lost their value
When they are not tied to you.

I'm trying, baby. I'm trying to make it worth it.

Baby, can you hear me?
I'm working on it.
This song, did you see what it says above?
Baby, I'm working hard.
I'm very working hard
On love.


Outras ideias:

What are we afraid of?
What are you afraid of?

Hey! I'm looking for you.
There's a crowd out there.

The cage will always be open.
Only you have the keys to my ribs.

Do que você está com medo? Do que estamos com medo?
De enfrentar essa multidão? De atravessar essa multidão?
São pessoas.


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